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Chi-Town days 4-7

31 Jul

If you haven’t read about the first part of our Chicago vacation, then start here.

Tuesday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and walked back to the River to board Chicago’s First Lady for an hour long cruise down the Chicago River where we learned all about the city’s history in terms of architecture and their amazing skyscrapers. This was one of our favorite touristy things of the trip. It was super informative, gave us a plethora of pictures, and besides the extreme heat it was a great day to be on a boat!

An Instagram of the Wrigley Building

Trump Tower

Willis Tower

Merchandise Mart

Marina City

One of my favorite skyline shots

After the tour we decided to try out some of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza from Giodorano’s. As promised, it was delicious but not my favorite in Chicago. I was saving the best for last so Calvin could always remember the deliciousness.

The rest of the day was spent back at the hotel’s pool in an attempt to cool our sunburns from the morning’s river cruise. And for dinner we went to a local Irish bar called Kerryman’s where Calvin enjoyed a gigantic smoked salmon sandwich {seriously, there were two pieces of salmon on it!} and I had a delicious mac-n-cheese concoction {macaroni, gouda, grilled chicken, and potato chips on top}. It was also wine night so we got a bottle of 91pt Malbec for super cheap only to realize Chicago restaurants don’t re-cork the bottles for you. So you better believe we sat there and finished the whole thing so it wouldn’t go to waste.

Believe it or not, we decided that we could manage some dessert before we called it a night, so we headed down the street to Grand Lux Café {thanks for the recommendation Olivia!} and stuffed our already full bellies with cheesecake and cupcakes. We were those stereotypical Americans who let their stomachs control their minds on this day. But I’m only slightly ashamed.

Wednesday morning we slept in and spent the day wandering around more of the city and doing a little more shopping. We found Nordstrom Rack and were much more willing to pay their prices than those at Nordstrom we saw on Monday, so Calvin and I both got a few things. I also found my way into Anthropologie and got a little lost in all its two floors of prettiness. I tend to only shop the sale room at Anthropologie, which in Memphis is a tiny little nook at the back of the store. But in Chicago it’s pretty much half of the downstairs floor, so there was a lot more to choose from!

Oh, and their Anthropologie had this across the street.

So much cooler than Memphis. :)

When Calvin said he’d had enough, we went back to the room and ate some lunch and just relaxed. That night was the Cubs game, so we had to rest up to get ready for Wrigley!

We rode the L-train to Wrigleyville and went to a souvenir shop before the game to get Calvin a shirt. Hooray for that accomplishment! While we waited to get into Beyond the Ivy, we walked around and took lots of pictures. It was so fun showing Calvin Wrigley Field and all the famous Cubs stuff.

Finally it was time to go to our rooftop seats where we spent the rest of the evening enjoying our cool location and the endless supply of burgers, hotdogs, beer, and wine. The game got off to a rocky start and I was nervous for a little while, but the Cubs pulled out a win {5-1 against Miami} at the top of the 8th when they called it due to a rain delay.

Thankfully, we were able to go inside and stay dry until it died down enough to walk down the street to meet a friend who lived nearby. And then we rode the L-train back to our hotel and marveled at the novelty of practical and efficient public transportation. Seriously, Memphis needs that too. You think if I brought my list to the Mayor, he’d listen? So far that’s: Trader Joes, Crate and Barrel, a bigger Anthropologie, and better public transportation. Surely at least one of those things would be a better fit for the Pyramid instead of Bass Pro, right?

Thursday was our last day so we slept in, ate brunch at Grand Lux Café {we saw too many delicious things on the menu to just stick to one visit for dessert},

Exhibit A

and spent the rest of the day at Navy Pier. We had fun playing putt-putt and riding the Ferris Wheel, but it’s definitely just a touristy attraction. Everyone needs to say they’ve seen it, but it’s definitely not a place you want to spend a lot of time.

And for dinner we met our friend, Cody again and headed to Gino’s East for what we think is the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Calvin was impressed, and for my pizza-loving guy, I was glad we could make that happen.

We ended our amazing trip with drinks on the rooftop bar across from our hotel: Rock Bottom Grill {and yes, Starkville friends—it may have the same name as our beloved Cotton District bar, but Chicago’s has Starkville’s beat}. I mean they brew their own beer and have a rooftop in the center of downtown Chicago. You can’t really compete with that.

And just like that, it was time to head home. Cities are so fun and Chicago is one of my favorites, but it’s always nice to come home. And no matter how much I complain about it or wish it had some of the great things other cities do, Memphis will always be home.


Chi-Town days 1-3

28 Jul

Warning: long post, in multiple parts, with lots of pictures ahead. It’s detailed, but that’s the way I like my vacation recaps. And this is my blog/housing for all our fun memories, so I get to do that if I want to. Don’t say you weren’t warned! :)

Calvin and I just got back from a wonderful week spent in one of my favorite places in the US: Chicago!

I have always had an unexplainable love for this city and Calvin had never been. I also love the Cubs and have always wanted to go to Wrigley Field with my basketball-loving husband. So one of my Christmas presents from him was tickets to a game! Thus, our Chicago summer vacation was born.

He originally got tickets to see a game during our anniversary week back in May, but since we kinda made a super big purchase that month {a house!}, we decided to push the trip back to later in the summer. Thankfully, this wasn’t an issue with the tickets because the other cool thing he did was research all the rooftop venues that line the streets behind the outfield of Wrigley, and got our tickets from Beyond the Ivy. They are much easier to work than Ticketmaster, and they give you all-you-can-eat food and drinks, so it worked out perfectly.

We drove to Chicago on Saturday and made it there without any major incidents. At one point it did start pouring rain and we were a little nervous that we might need to pull over to wait it out, but it ended up being a short, summer thunderstorm and we drove out of it pretty quickly.

Once we got to the city and Calvin experienced driving in all their traffic, we were really ready to be at our hotel and park our car for the week.

We got checked in and parked, and then decided where we wanted to go eat. We ended up choosing Bucca di Beppo because I had been there before and it was a block from our hotel and we wanted something easy. They serve everything family style there so we split a huge meatball and a bowl of pasta and got sufficiently stuffed. After dinner we walked around the block for a bit, but then headed back to the hotel to call it a night.

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast at Orange. We found this, and most of the restaurants we ate at, on Yelp and it did not disappoint! It was a charming little place that made their own juices {you could even create your own} and they served orange coffee. I will admit I was a little hesitant about it, but it was actually pretty good if you can get used to a slightly acidic coffee! And the food was just as good as the drinks. Calvin had a decadent breakfast sandwich with fried eggs, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a zesty pesto and I had cinnamon roll pancakes. And yes, they were as good as that sounds.

After we ate breakfast we moved our car from the hotel’s garage to one slightly cheaper {read, still really expensive} and walked from there to the Field Museum.

We spent the majority of the day here wandering around the exhibits and staying out of the heat. I don’t remember ever visiting the Field Museum before, and Calvin could spend an entire day in almost any museum, so we had fun exploring it together. Sue the dinosaur and the Tsavo lions were a big hit, and Calvin loved the Egyptian mummy exhibit. We definitely recommend carving out some time to spend here if you’re ever in Chicago!

We ended up skipping lunch since we ate such a big breakfast, so we had an early dinner at a local place called Flo & Santos where we ate sum yummy bruschutta and shared a thin crust pizza. I know, I know, Chicago is known for their deep-dish pizza. But don’t worry; we definitely had plenty of that later in the week!

We rode the L-train back to the area where our hotel was and enjoyed exploring Millennium Park and walking along the Chicago River before calling it a night.

I may be slightly obsessed with the Bean, aka the Cloud Gate!

But only slightly.

Awesome amphitheater

And some fun finds on our walk back…

The next day we had a light breakfast with some stuff we bought at Trader Joe’s {why doesn’t Memphis have one of those?!} and wandered around Nordstrom for a bit before we met a co-worker of mine for lunch. We ate at Yolk where we once again were blown away by the portions and couldn’t clean our plates before we were too stuffed to move. Are you sensing a theme yet? We vacation around our bellies and hop from restaurant to restaurant. There are no diets on a Morris vacation!

After we left Yolk we walked over to the John Hancock building and made a trip to the Observation Deck. We spent some time wandering around and admiring the city from every direction before heading up a few more stories to the Signature Room Lounge. My dad and I did this when we were in Chicago together a couple of years ago, and it is a really fun experience. Basically you’re overpaying for a cocktail to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Chicago while you sit and sip your drink 96 stories in the air. It’s a fun experience and you can save a few bucks by skipping the Observation Deck and going straight to the Signature Room since it’s basically the same view.

When we left the John Hancock building we decided to walk back down Michigan Avenue and check out some of the shops since many were closed the day before. Luckily, my husband is a pretty good shopper and let me spend over an hour in their four-story Crate and Barrel! {Memphis needs one of those too, though it’s probably much better for my wallet that we don’t have one}. And from there he even took me to buy shoes. Seriously, I am a lucky girl.

We were near the River when we finished shopping and were looking for a casual, inexpensive place to grab a quick bite and a drink while we ate and watched the boats drive by. So I asked the girl checking us out for recommendations. She gave me two: one was a really expensive, fancy steakhouse {looked fun and delicious, but not what we were going for} and the other was a pretty chilled out looking place with a really unusual name—Dick’s Last Resort. So we went there. And then later decided that the girl must not have liked me very much even though I did buy something, because who recommends a place where waiters are purposely rude to you to anyone they like? But after sitting down at our table on the patio, we discovered that’s exactly what this place was. It was pretty much a Chili’s in terms of quality of food plus the added perk of having your waiter insult you and act like they’re annoyed by you, for fun. Maybe that’s a cool thing if you’re with a big group of friends and looking for some laughs, but for a couple on vacation looking for a cool spot to eat along the River, it was not.

Needless to say, we quickly ate our food, finished our drinks, and left. We had been planning to try out a local basement wine bar Calvin had read about, so we made our way there and hoped it would redeem our weird dinner experience.

And it did! DiSotto Enoteca is likely a local favorite on the weekends, but it’s in the basement of another restaurant, so typical tourists wouldn’t just stumble upon it. But that’s what Calvin is good at. Give him a few minutes with Google and he’ll find a cool place that the guidebooks would never tell you about! And because they never attract drop-ins from people passing on the sidewalk, we ended up being the only ones there. A little awkward for me at first, but Calvin was loving the fact that we had the place and the waitress to ourselves.

We ordered several different tastings of red wines throughout the night, enjoyed some delicious appetizers and cheese, and had a great time hanging out together. There was a slight mishap involving the rickety table, Calvin’s glass of red wine, and my white shorts but we didn’t let it spoil our fun. And thanks to Pinterest my shorts are perfectly white again! :)

Days 4-7 coming soon!

2005 or 2012?

21 Feb

Calvin and I started dating in the Spring of our junior year of high school. It was 2005 and we were seventeen.

Since we dated for so long our families have known each other for a long time and become good friends. Coming from a family of four where there is just me and my sister, and into a family of seven where there are four brothers and one sister, is quite a different dynamic but it is so much fun! I love the relationship I’ve developed with Calvin’s siblings and I’m glad that Abby is friends with them too.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with the year 2005 and 2012. Well, in 2005 Calvin and I went to our first high school dance together and in 2012 Abby and Zach went to theirs! Technically, ours was just a banquet because it was school sponsored and private Baptist schools don’t sponsor things like dances, but that just meant our parents always hosted something for us after the banquet. But this year the school didn’t sponsor anything, so the parents got together and hosted a winter ball for the juniors and seniors.

And after much back and forth with who was taking who and was so-and-so bringing a date, Abby and Zach decided they would go together as friends. Dresses were bought, tuxes were rented, and plans were made, and finally the night arrived.

Of course there were lots of pictures.

Beautiful sister!

Sibling pic + Lizzy

Proud parents

The fam.

Trying to pin the boutonniere

All the couples

Abby and Zach looking spiffy

The girls, all in blue!

The guys

One of my favs.

So pretty!

Love her.

Another fav, Instagram-style.

And just for fun…Calvin and I before our Winter formal in 2005.

Calling friends to find out where to go next for pictures with my sweet flip phone.

Yeah, we were cool.

Mr. and Mrs. Mittwede

5 Jan

So other than the race update and a few random, quick posts I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping this blog updated with all we’ve been up to lately. Hopefully we can fix that over the next week or so. There’s so much I want to share about our holidays and all the fun things that took place in between!

But first, my sister-in-law got married! She is Calvin’s next oldest sibling and his only sister, and now she is also a wife! And if the exclamation points haven’t clued you in, I’m so very excited for them! Now we are no longer the newlyweds in the family and we’re looking forward to all the fun trips, family gatherings, and double dates to come. Except they live in Jackson, MS. So we’ll just have to have lots of mini-road trips until we can convince them to move a little further north. :)

Their wedding was such a fun celebration and a beautiful worship service that clearly showed their love for their Savior and each other. It was so great to see Calvin’s extended family and meet all of Luke’s family. Luke is the youngest of four boys and grew up in Turkey where his parents are missionaries. Since they still live there, Calvin and I had only met them once before the wedding. But the whole weekend was so fun and we’re grateful to add the Mittwedes to the family.

So how about some pictures?

Friday started with the bridesmaids luncheon at one of her maids-of-honor’s house. There was lots of yummy food and excitement for all the events to come.

The bride and hostesses

All the bridesmaids

Mother and daugher

Me and my sis-in-law, aka the bride!

We spent the afternoon finalizing all the details and welcoming family in from out of town.

The rehearsal went smoothly and then it was time for dinner. Luke’s parents did a great job with all the preparations especially for residing in another country during all the planning! They made sure to incorporate many Turkish details and traditions which made it so special.

On Saturday we arrived at the church early that afternoon and had fun getting ready together.

A special pin from Turkey

Mary was so calm and excited to see her groom!

When it was finally time for the ceremony to start we were all anxious and excited for Mary and Luke. Weddings are such a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us and how He wants our relationship to be with Him. Their ceremony was a perfect picture of this and each little detail made it so very special.

And after they said, “I do” it was time to party!

The reception was at a local country club and we enjoyed yummy food, dancing, and lots of laughs.

Sister and little brother breaking it down on the dance floor

Me and the beautiful bride

My floating head between my favorite twins!

Not sure what the look on Bethany’s face means, but I’m so glad it’s documented!

Coy: the official Morris-wedding DJ.


More sibling love

We saw them off later that night, but my pictures didn’t turn out. Sad. :(

Here are a few other details:

Calvin drew this peacock for people to stamp their fingerprints and sign at the reception.

This was the before

And the after!

He also designed the invitations and programs, we made the peacock pens, and she had everyone leave special notes in The Giving Tree. So sentimental and sweet!

Congratulations Mary and Luke! We love you!

He Popped the Question! (the 2nd anniversary edition)

1 Aug

Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of the day Calvin proposed to me! You can read our proposal story here.

We had a pretty busy weekend and didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, so last night we decided we should go out to eat to celebrate. Outback holds a special place in our hearts {it’s where we ate on our first date and where we ate the night he proposed} so last night we headed back for some yummy cheese fries, steak, and potatoes.

We had relaxing evening and enjoyed spending time together talking about the proposal night and how far we’ve come since then. I love Calvin so much more than I did two years ago and feel so blessed to share my life with him. So very thankful God gave me this guy to love me, show grace to me, make me laugh, and teach me so many things.

July 31st 2009: proposal night

July 31st 2010: reliving the proposal night at Outback (we even wore the same clothes!)

July 31st 2011: I think we’ve started a tradition

Beach Bachelorette

6 Jul

Happy Wednesday! I’m back from a long weekend at the beach plus an extra day off work and I’m feeling refreshed. I hope your Fourth of July celebrations were fun and relaxing as well!

The trip was a lot of fun and included jamming in a minivan while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to the beach, riding in a shuttle bus taxi complete with party lights, helping the bride complete her “bachelorette to do list,” and lots of relaxing on the beach.

Posing outside the taxi

Continue reading

One year.

29 May

One year ago today I said “I do” to my best friend and became Mrs. Calvin Morris. I thought I could never feel any happier or my heart be more full of love than it was on that day. And even though this is totally cliche, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After 365 days of living, loving, arguing, apologizing, forgiving, and just walking through life with Calvin, there is no doubt that I love him more today. He knows my faults, my sin, my quirks, what makes me laugh, how to make me chill out when I’m stressed, and so much more. Some people say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but I’m blessed to say that I haven’t felt that way. Granted, I have no other years to compare it to, but I have truly enjoyed our first year as husband and wife. Continue reading