About Us

The Mrs.

I graduated from Mississippi State with a BBA in marketing and management. I am blessed with a great job at a Fortune 100 company and spend my days learning the ropes of Corporate America. In my free time, I love to cook with the Mister, go for walks with the pup, blog, read and run. While I may write most of the posts, my hubby is the mastermind behind all things creative and tech savvy.

The Mr.

I am also an MSU grad, with a BFA in graphic design. I spend my days working at Allison Rodgers Photography, and I spend my nights with my lovely wife and puppy. I post on the family blog when I can, although I’d like to do so more often. I enjoy doodling, writing, learning, running, drinking coffee, and tasting fancy beers.

The Pup

I am not an MSU grad, but I love sitting in my maroon chair on the porch. I dream about chasing birds and hope to one day meet one. I love to sleep and play fetch, and these hobbies occupy most of my time. I love everyone I meet with as much  passion and energy as they can stand, and then I love some more. I love you.


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