What’s Been On My Heart

11 Oct

There’s a lot of life that’s been happening around here and so much to catch up on. But that’s not what’s on my heart today, so I think I’ll just stick to what is.

Goodness gracious, Jesus is good. Isn’t He? So often I just walk through life happy and secure with what I have, but with an attitude like I’m somehow entitled to it. And more and more recently, I’ve been reminded that I’m not entitled to it at all! In fact, I deserve death and life apart from Him. But what He gives me is so much more than that. And oh, so sweet!

It seems childish to think that I’m still coming to grips with this. But that’s also the beauty of it all. I’m so thankful that Jesus continually pursues me, teaches me, and allows me to grow.

I’m so thankful for the community of believers He has put in my life and the support they give that causes me to want to grow. Recently, our church has re-launched as Grace Community Church and that whole process has been difficult, but so good all at the same time. I’m so thankful for the Godly leadership that He has given us and for the community that is being built there.

But He is also using so many precious women who I don’t know, or barely know, from the online community. Many of these women may not even realize that I read their blogs and listen to their hearts, but I do and He is moving through them. I’m so thankful for the outlets He has given them to create a space for women to feel vulnerable, accepted, and real with one another. He is doing big things and I want to make sure I’m listening.

I have so much to learn and I am just grateful that He is still working on me with grace, mercy, and patience. I’m thankful for my loving family who surrounds me in prayer and challenge me to continually pursue Him. I’m so blessed by my wonderful friends who love Jesus and want their lives to reflect that on a daily basis. They put up with me and my selfishness, but love me anyways and challenge me all the time. And the relationship Calvin and I have is by no means perfect, but it is such a tangible picture of our relationship with Jesus. It’s amazing that He would give us the gift of marriage to help us grow in our relationship with Him.

I am entitled to none of this, but yet He has seen fit to bless me with it and I am so thankful! I hope that when I look back on this season of my life, I remember it with fondness. But I also want to say that I seized the opportunities in front of me to make less of me and more of Him. I pray He helps me to do that daily.

Happy Thursday, friends. May the rest of your week be filled with bountiful gifts from the Ultimate Giver.


One Response to “What’s Been On My Heart”

  1. woodofmemphis October 11, 2012 at 11:24 AM #

    Lovely, you definitely have been on a walk with our Lord. Such spiritual eye site brings peace to my heart. Take cake.

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